A website that explains “how to move out of the US” has seen a surge of 1676 percent in traffic over the last five months. A pre-election survey found that 31 percent of Americans were interested in moving to Canada if their presidential candidate was not elected. And Americans are giving up their citizenship at the highest levels on record.

While many Americans are rejoicing that Joe Biden has been declared by the news media as the winner of the presidential election, some are grieving that 71 million American voters chose Donald Trump. While recognizing who received the national popular vote, organizations are touting the record number of voters that came out in support of Biden as the will of the people, but they are missing the fact that Trump also received a record number of votes. Both of these records are telling, and a sign.

Others are advocating for ways to punish Trump supporters while in the same breath crying that it is time for national unity. This causes people, particularly Trump supporters, to understandably consider their words subservient to what is truthful and honorable. And many are worried about the future of a nation that is so divided on foundational issues such as abortion, marriage, and religious freedom. Toss in the ideals of the bill of rights and most of the constitutional amendments – this causes concern for others as well.

Many Americans are searching for justice regarding political malfeasance and corruption, but these same Americans also believe that Justice will never prevail and this is causing them to doubt the entire system. This sow’s further discord and division in the areas of trust, honor, and American values. Politics is an essential pillar of American society, but I also believe it is our politics that are driving the cultural divide – and this is because we have lost the very essence of our soul that had united us as Americans in the past. The American soul has been stolen while the battle continues to be waged for the soul of men, but the American soul can be found again, and the battle for men’s souls can be won by the righteous.

We have neglected to properly manage national morals and values and are trying to incorporate identity individualism into a common society – it won’t work, it can’t work. It reminds me of the failed Army slogan “Army of One”. The intent was to recognize individualism, but it failed to recognize the idea of a military unit. A unit requires commonality, not individualism. The same is true for us as a nation, while recognizing and accepting that we are a pluralistic society, we are nation that should strive more to recognize that “all men are created equal”.

Instead of focusing on what successfully united us in the past, there are organizations that are lobbying on ideals that will further divide us. In fact, there is a growing movement to take things that did unite us and intentionally twist and spin the very fabric of American’ism into something that it is not. While done under the disguise of justice, the result is evidence of the fruit of evil and spiritual warfare. What will save us is a movement towards that which recognizes that “all men are created equal”.

I am hopeful that a commitment to the fact that “all men are created equal” will empower us to face our challenges together while embracing the value and beliefs of every American. We cannot scream for equality while also screaming for dominance.

But it is this very commitment to the equality of all people that could be our greatest spiritual peril as a nation today. Why? Because we don’t feel empowered to face these challenges “together”. Instead, we are being funneled into categories that define who we are as individuals, not equals. Can we recover from this? Yes, I honestly believe we can. Will it happen over the next four years regardless of who is sworn into office in January 2021? I am unfortunately pessimistic about this as people are, and will, suffer from hatred and rage (i.e., fruits of evil and spiritual warfare), whatever the final outcome.

Nonetheless, I do have hope. I am optimistic that a path can be set that will allow us to break free from the path of shadows that we are on. God loves the brokenhearted, it is when people break that God is allowed in and to work in and through us. The Apostle Peter is an awesome example of this. He broke when he heard the rooster crow while Jesus was being scourged nearby.

Can you hear it? The rooster is crowing for the nation, He is on our side and He is rooting for us.