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What is The Wilderness Project Experience?

The Wilderness Project Experience is a tribe of men, rough men, men who have “been there” and “done that”. A tribe of men who know that there is something more to “all of this”. They are seeking answers to questions – why? And they either know, suspect, or are curious – that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the solution that they need.

This is a tribe of men on fire, or men who want that fire – the fire of God. This is a tribe of men who don’t want a churchie experience, but they want authenticity, transparency, and a “tell it like it is” experience. These are men who want energy and want to experience the dunamis power of God. Men who want to understand how their masculinity fits into the church scene or within the Christian lifestyle.

This tribe is not like other men’s ministry tribes – this tribe is different. This tribe is all about the Army of God. It’s not churchy but it is Gospel focused. An army bent on saving lives, not taking them.

This is a tribe of men who want other men to know that NO MATTER WHAT, no matter your background, no matter the things you’ve done or things you’ve said, no matter what you’ve been through – ANYTHING can be overcome with God. A tribe of men who want you to know that God loves you – NO MATTER WHAT!

This is a tribe of men who want to hear Gods voice, they want a relationship with Him, but they are struggling. “How do I know when it is God, or me, or something worse?” This is a tribe of men who want to help men like this find that voice, know that voice, and follow that voice.

This is a tribe of men who may be skeptics or seekers, but they are curious enough and open enough to at least follow through with their experience. And it’s a tribe of men who want to help men like this find Him, so that they too can build and remain in relationship with Jesus.

This is a tribe of men who love Jesus but they are timid, nervous, and introverted. The guy who sits in the back pew, or back row, where nobody see’s him or notices him. A man who has a lot to offer but no one to help him, mentor him, or disciple him. Or, it could be the dude sitting in the back row who looks rough, dangerous, untouchable – but on the inside, he wants someone to talk to him and fellowship with him. But his years of abuse and hard living have trained his body muscles and his body movements to betray who he was, verses who he is or wants to be.

This tribe includes men who are disappointed with church for many reasons, but they still desire to have a strong relationship with Jesus. Make no mistake, this is a dude right here that we need to get back into the church, but it will take a tribe like this to accomplish that.

I am a living testimony of what is possible through the tranformative love and grace of Jesus Christ. I came from a godless family and a horrible relationship with my father. I grew up being told that I was worthless, that I wouldn’t amount to anything, and that I would always be rejected. I hung around criminals and got involved in things before the age of 17 that many would be shocked by. This festered well into my adult life, where I lived a life of always feeling rejected, hating myself, and operating in constant fear of failure – even through what many would consider a successful 20 year military career. I was a walking, talking, functioning hate-a-holic, and this led to me not only being toxic to my own life, but toxic to many of those around me. I destroyed people and I paid a price for it.

But this all changed in September 2008, when I finally answered the door of my heart to Him and my life has not been the same since. I was almost 40 years old and I carried a lot of baggage. I forgave my father and in January 2017, I ended up leading him to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was a deeply wounded man that lived his life believing that life was hell. By the worlds view, you would think that he would never accept Jesus, that it was impossible – but with God, anything is possible.

There is more to this story, things that are darker and deeper, including the loss of my oldest son who was serving with the Air Force in Qatar. But this was my Wilderness Project Experience. A time of seasoning, learning, experiencing, and failing. A season of me doing what I wanted, how I wanted, and when I wanted. A season of making the decisions I wanted to make, decisions that would benefit ME. If you ended up being blessed by any of my decisions, then it was because I knew that I would somehow be rewarded in return. I was extremely heavy hearted and very hard headed. Meanwhile, my poor wife, who re-connected with Christ around the first year of our marriage, lived for the first 19 years of our marriage with me berating her Christian beliefs and making things very difficult for her.

The Wilderness Project Experience is an environment that serves as a follow up to the book “Breaking Free From the Shadows“, but it is much more. It is an environment of resources, and teaching modules, to help men experience the fullness of God – to hear His voice and build and remain in relationship with Him. It is an environment to help men personally experience what Steve does in Breaking Free…

The Wilderness Project Experience is intended to help men discover who THEY are in Christ. To help them figure out THEIR story in the larger story. To assist men with understanding THEIR purpose. And to help men find answers to questions about “All of this” and help men to simply… understand. 

We want to help men break free from THEIR shadows and find the River in the wilderness wasteland. 

But sadly, men are walking away from the church, and our nation, the entire globe, is now suffering as a result.

“Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19) 

So, Where are the men?

They are busy, or wandering lost, searching for light in the darkness, identity out of contradiction, purpose out of irrelevance, or a path out of the uncertainty.

Men are on a quest for their story within “The Story”. 

  • Too many men are leaving the church. Men don’t understand where they fit in the church, much less Christianity.
  • Too many men are going to church to “check the box”, or, because their spouse is making them go.
  • Men have come to believe that no one can love them, not even the church. They believe they are unloveable.
  • Men have come to believe that their past will never allow them to get into heaven, so why bother. They believe their past is unforgiveable. 
  • Some men come to Christ for the wrong reason and with the wrong motives.
  • Some men are still walking around with heart wounds that have not healed. This is impeding their walk and making them feel unworthy.

Men have been taught a theology of the world, from men like them. 

  • For some men, it is not clear to them what they believe and why they believe it.
  • Some men believe they lose their masculinity when becoming a Christian. Barna Group has discovered that more Christian men fear they are losing their masculinity than secular men.
  • Men do not understand the truth about repentance; it is much more than saying “I’m sorry!”
  • Some men believe they will be forced to change. They don’t understand the difference between condemnation and spirit felt conviction. 

Men have gotten into the habit if “mansplaining”.

  • Men say that they don’t have time to read the Bible because of work commitments and family time.
  • Men seem to think that forgiveness means they will forget. And when they don’t forget, they grow angry and bitter.
  • Men believe they will be judged and criticized by the church for things they enjoy.
  • Men are sick and tired of gossip and drama within the church family. They get enough of that at there job and in their families. They forget that the church is full of hurting people – just like them. And these people are working on their hearts – just like them.

Are you…

Feeling like you are living life walking lost?

Ready to live the plan that God has for you?

Wondering who you are and who you are supposed to be? Are you ready to step into your true identity?

Wondering why you are here and what’s the purpose and meaning to everything?

Confused about Christianity and the church?

Living with the belief that you are un-loveable, unlikeable, and unforgiveable?

Questioning your theology, not understanding how it fits into your life?

Searching for methods that can help you find the answers you seek?

In a position where you aren’t getting enough from church, BUT, you are struggling, or not motivated, to spend time with God and His Word outside of church.

Are you getting wrapped around Christian speak (Christian-eze) and just want to hear to straight, unbridled, and honest; with an understanding of how the Bible applies to your life outside of Church?

Not in a position, or comfort zone, where Bible school, or Bible college, is right for you at this point in your life?

What you will gain if you JOIN…

Within the book, Breaking Free From the Shadows, the main character Steve uses visions to experience his journey and relive past experiences in order to understand how he was wounded in his life “Before Christ”. He would not be able to do this if he were not able to hear God’s voice and actually believe that God still uses visions as a communication mechanism. Secondly, Steve is guided and mentored by Shepherd, who represents the Holy Spirit. Together, they discuss and share insights, face to face, in a location that is Steve’s secret place.

The Wilderness Project Experience will give you lifetime access to:
  1. An environment of men who are, just like you.
  2. Emailed BLOG articles written by men who are just like you. Members will be encouraged to write and publish BLOGs here as well.
  3. An environment that will be updated regularly with new and updated content.
  4. Knowledge and information on how to journal. Well…and what it means when we say “journal”.
  5. How to read and ponder – not study – the Bible and use it as a Sword.
  6. Background on how I wrote the book “Breaking Free From the Shadows”, so that you too can write your own story.
  7. Full Access to videos and downloadable materials that will help you accomplish what Steve did.
  8. A recommended and fully vetted book library that Marcus personally relies upon for his growth and relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  9. Regularly scheduled coaching calls, to serve and assist you on your Wilderness journey. [IN DEVELOPMENT]
  10. Regularly scheduled Bible studies that are live, but also recorded for future viewing.
  11. An environment where men can ask questions, about anything that is related to scripture, their relationship with Jesus, or their journey.
  12. Access to an environment where men just like you, men that have “been there” and “done that”, men who have survived the struggle – are here to help you and encourage you and answer questions about how they made it through, how they discovered their purpose, how they overcame the strongholds holding them back.

New and revised content and materials will be added sporadically as the Holy Spirit guides, with notifications sent out to all subscribers.

What you will need…

  1. An acceptance of Christ, and the belief that He died for your sins, that He rose from the dead, and that He is currently sitting in the Throne room with the Father. For skeptics and seekers, you will need to at least believe in the idea that He is possible (this is where I sat for almost 40 years). 
  2. An open heart and open mind – without it, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, for the materials to operate in your life. For seekers and skeptics, you will naturally tend to focus on this material using your head, if you do not allow the material to soak into your heart, you will be challenged. 
  3. A journal – I will show you how to journal and why it is paramount to your journey. 
  4. A Bible – whatever translation you prefer, in print or electronic. 
  5. A Concordance (i.e., Strong’s) – it will be of great help as some of the material in this program will reference original Greek and Hebrew word choices in Scripture
  6. A copy of Breaking Free From the Shadows (optional) – I will use the book as a reference throughout the videos and some of the downloadable materials; however, you may still glean some insight without the book. 

  The Wilderness Project Experience is a Christian and faith based organization. Members will gain access to resources to assist with learning their identity and purpose in Christ and to help them in their walk with Christ. This does require a belief in Christ and a heart that has accepted Him as Lord and Savior. 

     However, we also want to reach out to those who are seekers or skeptics, those who are open to the idea that Christ may exist and are prepared to take the next step and learn more about who He is, through the testimonies and experiences of other men. The videos, tutorials, and downloadable PDFs may provide “knowledge”, but true transformation happens in the heart, and most of this happens via relationships with other men. 

     When I was in the military we had a saying of “Bottom Line Up Front”. What is the bottom line? The bottom line is that without a belief in Christ, most of the material found within The Wilderness Project Experience will not operate in your life. However, we also believe in the Supernatural – some men may be touched by the material and find it operating in their life without them realizing it. Love is the medicine that conquers all. This is a key lesson learned as you read scripture, and is on full display throughout Breaking Free From the Shadows.

I want to hear YOUR story. And then, let’s discuss how YOUR story fits in the Larger Story, and how you can use YOUR story to help other men – just like you.

Let us know what you think…

To leave a comment or ask questions, please click on the Wilderness Project Experience image below and fill out our Contact Form.  If you have not already done so, consider joining the tribe..