Experience the captivating journey of Marcus Johnson as he traverses the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq in 1991, immersing himself in the harsh realities of combat and life. “My Personal Desert Storm” is a riveting blend of memoir and evangelism, where Marcus unveils his own radical conversion story and explores the transformative power of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and love. With profound introspection, Marcus grapples with his purpose and the limitations of his own humanity. As an award-winning author, “My Personal Desert Storm” has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, earning the esteemed title of “Best Memoir for 2020.” Join Marcus on this literary adventure that defies expectations and offers a fresh take on life’s profound journeys. Broaden your horizons and uncover hidden gems beyond the ordinary. Experience “My Personal Desert Storm” today.

As an author, I believe that while a book may be a best seller, it doesn’t necessarily make it my favorite. We embrace unique stories, like “My Personal Desert Storm”, that defy expectations and offer a fresh take on life’s journeys. Yet, it isn’t lost on me that while this is not my own personal favorite of my books, it resonates with people and remains my best seller and is also an award winning book as “Best Memoir for 2020” based on popular vote. Also, ironically, I wrote this book for an audience of men, but it is women who seem to connect with it much more often. Nevertheless, I encourage you to explore my other books, and uncover the hidden gems that I believe deserve recognition. Join me on this literary adventure and broaden your horizons beyond the ordinary.


Marcus Johnson

Marcus is a 20 year veteran of the US Army as well as a combat veteran of three wars. Marcus was an ardent agnostic for 40 years before experiencing a very dramatic experience with Christ and learning what his true identity was. 

Since retiring from the military, Marcus served in multiple IT leadership and Senior Executive positions in both government and the private sectors. He holds a Doctorate in IT Organizational Leadership (ABD) from Capella University and a Doctorate in Ministry from Christian Leadership University. 

Marcus Johnson has authored three books to date as well as having had articles published in an international Christian magazine “Rejoice Essential”. 

Marcus has been married to Julee since 1989 and have three children together, Christoffer, Katelyn, and Seth. He and his wife are a Goldstar family, having lost Christoffer in 2011 while he was serving in Middle East with the Air Force.

Published Books

Award Winner (So far!)

Other Books

The First Epistle of Peter

Biblical Commentary
In this Biblical Commentary, Marcus tackles a detailed study of the First Epistle of Peter, breaking it down verse by verse and shares how, without violating the integrity of Peter’s letter, HOPE is available for the 21st Century Man, who is living in two Kingdoms.
Circa 63 AD, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia Minor, and Bithynia, were Christian converts experiencing undefined degrees of suffering and persecution. At some point, the Apostle Peter, who was most likely residing in Rome at the time, had received news of what these Christians were enduring and was compelled to write to them, advising them to remember the grace and peace that is found in Jesus Christ and why they had converted to Christianity in the first place.
Peter would remind suffering Christians that there is a Living Hope even in the midst of their suffering. Though Peter wrote it almost 2000 years ago, his letter parallels events today, which includes the life of the 21st Century Christian man.

Workbook: The First Epistle of Peter

This WORKBOOK compliments the Bible Commentary Book of the same title.

Breaking Free From the Shadows

God is mobilizing an army and Steve is all in. But something is off and holding him back. He spends a year praying, searching, and operating in faith that the Lord will, one day, reveal answers to his questions. That day has finally arrived.
Joined and guided by Shepherd, Steve is thrust into an epic story of his past and his heritage. He learns how the connection between sin and soul ties were passed down from father to son, spanning four generations. His quest leads him to a River which opens his eyes to the nature of his wilderness. 
The fox maneuvers, the coyote strikes, and the wolf prowls, but the rooster still crows. The lost sheep will be found. This is a story of one man’s search for light in the darkness, identity out of contradiction, purpose out of irrelevance, and a path out of uncertainty.

“I’m a vet (30yrs). It’s not an easy life. Combat adds significant stress & complexities to an already stressful & complex life. Thank God Marcus found God! God’s love & teachings has CLEARLY made a huge, positive impact on his life! This is his journey, maybe it will resonate with you? It sure did with me. And, boy, am I a happier human! Thanks God!!”

– Amazon Book Review “My Personal Desert Storm”

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