Social Media – Test All Things

In Acts 17:11, we read where Paul’s teachings were tested by the Berean Jews. This was not only acceptable, it expanded their faith.  Can we not apply this same expectation today to things we read that are not of the bible but of the world? As the ministry venue for FHGH Ministries is currently aContinue reading “Social Media – Test All Things”

Why Do Some Christians Hate Trump?

Last week, I shared a blog about how Trump is not my savior. In that article, I was transparent about my dislike of some of Trump’s behavior via Twitter as well as my lack of support for him when he was campaigning for the nomination from the Republican Party. As a matter of personal discourse,Continue reading “Why Do Some Christians Hate Trump?”

Trump Is Not My Savior

I only have one Lord and Savior and it is not Donald Trump, BUT, he was my President. From 28 July thru 3 August 2019, I spent a week at the Texas State Capital participating in sessions about the US Constitution, religious liberty, and the legislative process.  This group, ran and operated by the PatriotContinue reading “Trump Is Not My Savior”

Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two part series. In Part 1, I spent some time defining socialism and comparing this philosophy to capitalism. While supporting with scriptures, the focus was predominantly on that of God given freedom and rights as ordained by God. I posited and argued that socialism tends to violate biblical viewsContinue reading “Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 2”

Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 1

As I prayed about, meditated on, and researched the impacts of the “democratic socialist progressive” movement on both American and Religious liberties, I was inundated with enough material to write a very serious book on the subject. However, a book on this specific topic is not something the Lord is directing me to do; therefore,Continue reading “Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 1”


Check out this video clip from the movie Tombstone (4:42). Look for the humor in the clip and how it was used to manage a situation that could have gone deadly. After watching it, what did you think? Do you think that it was the verbal swordplay and physical humor that diffused the situation? ThereContinue reading “HUMOR, Manly HUMOR, Godly HUMOR”

Christ Redemption Through Grace (Identity and Purpose)

On 12 August 2019, I was honored to share my Redemption Testimony in front of the CR Group for Journey Community Church in Augusta, Georgia. I was not allowed to record the session due to sensitivities surrounding the CR Group, but below is a transcript of my notes as I shared my own personal redemptionContinue reading “Christ Redemption Through Grace (Identity and Purpose)”

The Johnson Amendment of 1954

Know how to bring some excitement about the Tax Code into the church?  Talk about the Johnson Amendment. However, as you read this blog, consider the possibility that the time is now for Church’s to give up their 501C3 status and consider 501C4 instead. The C4 status would remove the non-existent chokehold that some pastorsContinue reading “The Johnson Amendment of 1954”

Rage Against the Social Media Machine

     This will be the first part of a series on “Christians and Technology”.   Titled “Rage Against the Social Media Machine”, today I wish to share what the Lord has been dealing with me regarding a Christian Life through Social Media. We are talking about all platforms, known and unknown. For transparency, I personallyContinue reading “Rage Against the Social Media Machine”