Media Experience

I commit to making you shine and your audience my focus

I’m deeply honored by your interest for an interview. When I’m doing our interview it’s the most important thing in the world to me. I’m committed to making you the hero and your audience the focus. I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. I know if I do my job well your audience will feel valued and interested in these topics:

  • That sins and soul ties, passed down from parent to parent – can be overcome!
  • That all men go through a process and that all men can attain a positive identity in the larger story – no matter how bad their past is!
  • That the Lord will find the man where he is – and that some will be knocked to their knees in praise and truth!
  • To believe in the revelation that Jesus Christ loves you, no matter what!
  • And much more.

I self published my first book in 2019, My Personal Desert Storm: Eating Crow and Humble Pie, and learned a lot in the process. One particular lesson was to make things easier for folks such as yourself, those expressing an interest in talking with me about the book Breaking Free From the Shadows and/or The Wilderness Project Experience. As a result, I created this online media room to make your job easier. If you need anything else, you can fill out the Contact Form HERE

After being interviewed, I will point my audience back to our interview. I will also include pointers back to the Wilderness Project Experience website, the Wilderness Project Experience facebook page, my book Breaking Free From the Shadows, and the ability to join our tribe.

Let us know what you think…

To leave a comment or ask questions, please click on the Wilderness Project Experience image below and fill out our Contact Form.  If you have not already done so, consider joining the tribe..