Breaking Free From the Shadows

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“Breaking Free From the Shadows”

Book 1 of The Wilderness Project

Most men are on a quest for their own story within THE STORY

One man’s search for Light in the Darkness, Identity out of Contradiction, Purpose out of Irrelevance, and a Path out of Uncertainty

  God is mobilizing an army and Steve is all in. This army will consist of men who have intimate and personal experience with the weapons of the world and spiritual warfare.  But something is off and holding him back. He spends a year praying, searching, and operating in faith that the Lord will, one day, reveal answers to his questions. That day has finally arrived.

     Joined and guided by Shepherd, Steve is thrust into an epic story of his past and his heritage. He learns how the connection between sin and soul ties were passed down from father to son, spanning four generations, as he experiences how his little story fits into the larger story. His quest leads him to a River which opens his eyes to the nature of his wilderness. Can his history of denial, betrayal, hatred, and rejection be used as a part of God’s plan to break the chains of bondage holding men, like him, back?

     The fox maneuvers, the coyote strikes, and the wolf prowls, but the rooster still crows. The lost sheep will be found.

Breaking Free From the Shadows: Fact or Fiction

     Breaking Free From the Shadows is a multi-dimensional book incorporating a mix of both the present and the past, as well as crossing the lines between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. It tells the story of Steve, a man living in the present, as he experiences visions from God about his past in addition to the the past of his father and his grandfather. As he experiences these visions, Steve has an opportunity to see events as they transpire in both the physical realm and the spiritual realm, as he watches the battle for the man’s heart unfold across both realms simultaneously. To share this multi-faceted story, it required that I blend real world events with a conservative amount of imagination as I wrote and described each event. 

     We don’t want to give away too much but Steve is a real person as are all of the people in the book, including Steve’s father and his grandfather. In order to protect the integrity of the people (characters) involved, as well as to maintain a vigilant eye on book length (it still ended up being a thicker book than originally planned), I changed the names of everyone involved and, in some chapters, changed locations and combined a series of events into one singular event. Nonetheless, the results and impacts of all of the events are, and were, very real. 

     Breaking Free From the Shadows is written in four parts with Part 1 of the book incorporating events that occurred as far back as a hundred years ago. While there are available historical documents that support portions of the stories, these events have predominantly been passed down via word of mouth, which means there are missing details that are essential. Similarly, it is likely that some of the details are incorrect or lost due to the passage of time; therefore, some imagination was used to fill in the blanks while telling the story. In contrast, the remainder of the book beginning in Part 2 is based on Steve’s own personal experiences. 

     In the book, I incorporated demonic characters described as animals, while I believe it a fact that there are demonic influences operating in the world, my description of the demons was purely for dramatic license and story flow, but the purpose and characterization of demons is fact. Also in the book, Steve is accompanied and guided by an angelic character named Shepherd. Shepherd represents the Holy Spirit who is very real and my characterization of him is factual based on my scriptural and experiential understanding. 

     Finally, there are many doctrinal and theological opinions about hearing God’s voice, experiencing visions, and where and how angelic and demonic influences are operating in the world. I firmly believe that we can hear God’s voice, that we can [and do] experience visions, and that angelic and demonic influences are operating in the world – this is what The Wilderness Project Experience is about.

Throughout the book, I relied on scripture over 214 times and either quote them directly or indirectly, or, the scripture is foundational to what is being shared in the storyline at that particular point in the book. Each of these scriptures are outlined in an Appendix at the book of the book, broken out by chapter in which they are used or relied upon. Therefore, I relied heavily on my understanding and belief of numerous scriptures to support my belief system as told in the story. Nevertheless, I am aware that there are some who will oppose this belief and if they wish to consider this as part of the “fictionalized” portion of the book, then I accept that this is their choice. 

     Breaking Free From the Shadows is a very real story and is absolutely relevant for men today. 

Sins and soul ties passed from father to son for four generations – can be overcome!

Every man goes through a process and ALL men can attain a positive identity and a purpose in the larger story – no matter how bad it is!

The Lord will find the man wherever he is – and some will be knocked down to their knees in praise and truth!

A revelation that Jesus Christ loves you – no matter what!

It is possible for any man to break free from his shadows and find the River in the wilderness wasteland.  

“Behold, I will do something new….I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19)

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