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In 2019, Marcus self-published his first book titled “My Personal Desert Storm: Eating Crow and Humble Pie“. Marcus was 21 years old when he deployed to Saudi Arabia and Iraq, serving as an Aeroscout Observer on an OH-58 Helicopter. Marcus maintained a personal journal while he was deployed and he shared his entire journal in the book. Marcus was FAR from being a Christian, which becomes very apparent as you read it.

While he left his very young wife and newborn child behind in a foreign country, Marcus was deploying forward into an unknown future. He wrote about the resulting drama of separation and the violence of combat, but he also wrote extensively about how much he hungered and desired to serve with valor, honor, and glory…..BUT that is not what happened. Marcus made a lot of bad judgment mistakes and he got caught up in things that weren’t normal. He was a mediocre soldier and had a reputation for always messing up. Combat was supposed to he HIS time to prove himself to his brothers – but victory alluded him.

All he wanted was to stop messing up and avoid future humiliation. But with only a few days remaining before redeploying back home, the helicopter he was flying in experience engine failure and they crashed and rolled into the desert floor. He walked away from that crash but he was angry – “WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!!” he recalls shouting out. Marcus had finally had enough.

He vowed that day that he would change and that things would be different. He did change and things were different. The day he crashed was Marcus’ life pivot. This was the day where he began a 17 year odyssey to Christ, and he compares and contrasts his almost two decade odyssey with the man he was before and during the war.

Marcus published his second book titled “Breaking Free From the Shadows” in September 2020. But this time, he signed up and participating with a publication company called Author Academy Elite. There is plenty of information across this website that can be found about this book, but, the important testimony is that it was this book the firmed up the vision for The Wilderness Project Experience, a vision that the Lord had illumined to his heart almost one year earlier.

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However, it is Breaking Free From the Shadows that is probably the most important one as a good portion of The Wilderness Project Experience is built around it.

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“My Personal Desert Storm” was voted as a Top 10 Finalist for an Author Elite Award for 2020.

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