The Lord told Habakkuk to “write it down on tablets” so that those in the future can take it and run with it.

Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two part series. In Part 1, I spent some time defining socialism and comparing this philosophy to capitalism. While supporting with scriptures, the focus was predominantly on that of God given freedom and rights as ordained by God. I posited and argued that socialism tends to violate biblical viewsContinue reading “Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 2”

Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 1

As I prayed about, meditated on, and researched the impacts of the “democratic socialist progressive” movement on both American and Religious liberties, I was inundated with enough material to write a very serious book on the subject. However, a book on this specific topic is not something the Lord is directing me to do; therefore,Continue reading “Democratic Socialism – Is it biblical? Part 1”

Christ Redemption Through Grace (Identity and Purpose)

On 12 August 2019, I was honored to share my Redemption Testimony in front of the CR Group for Journey Community Church in Augusta, Georgia. I was not allowed to record the session due to sensitivities surrounding the CR Group, but below is a transcript of my notes as I shared my own personal redemptionContinue reading “Christ Redemption Through Grace (Identity and Purpose)”


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