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Dr. Marcus Johnson

Marcus is a 20 year veteran of the US Army and a combat veteran of three wars. Born and raised in a godless family, he was angry and frustrated at life, and lived as an ardent agnostic for 40 years before having a dramatic experience with Christ and learning his true identity. Today Marcus is a transformed man thanks to the loving grace that is found in God and now has a passion to help others recognize who they are in Christ and find the FIRE that God placed in their hearts.    

     After retiring, Marcus served in multiple leadership positions in both government and private sectors. He holds a Doctorate in IT Leadership (ABD) from Capella University and a Doctorate in Ministry from Christian Leadership University. He and his wife founded FHGH Ministries in 2019 which serves to educate others to find Faith, Honor, Glory, and Hope in their lives with honest and balanced messages that cross both faith and culture.  

     Marcus Johnson is a prolific writer, having authored two books to date with two more books in progress as well as having had articles published in an international Christian magazine. His publishing portfolio includes My Personal Desert Storm: Eating Crow and Humble Pie (Amazon, 2019), Breaking Free From the Shadows, Book 1 of The Wilderness Project (2020) and numerous articles published in Rejoice Essential Magazine.  His book “My Personal Desert Storm” was voted as a 2020 Top 10 Finalist for an Author Elite Award for best Memoir book.

     Marcus has written numerous papers on topics such as leadership, technology, operations, and organizational theory as well as articles on personal transformation and faith. He blogs regularly at and has launched comprehensive social media integrated campaigns on Facebook, Parler, and LinkedIn and has recorded numerous videos for his youtube channel.  

     Marcus has been married to Julee since 1989 and they have three children together, Christoffer, Katelyn, and Seth. He and his wife are a Goldstar family, having lost Christoffer in 2011 while he was serving in the Middle East with the Air Force.

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