It’s time for men, Christian men, to stand up and shout “enough”. We need to ask ourselves how much longer we want our children to be subjected to porn on prime time television, while Hollywood and media elites try to convince us that the Cat in the Hat is destroying our culture. Men have got to stop contributing to, or supporting, the moral decay of our world. Yes, I am speaking specifically to men because we are the ones placing a demand on this to continue, when we should be making a demand for it to stop.

I didn’t watch the grammy’s, I never have to be honest, but I did read and see highlights. Here is what I learned. Swearing and soft porn are acceptable on prime time television, but Dr. Seuss, Peter Pan, and Mr. Potato are not.

What happened to the outcries over objectification of women? Hollywood wants to teach our youth that WAP (Cardi B song) is what is important in life. It is referred to as art, but in reality it is disgusting and denigrating.

I guess I may be labeled a prude, or perhaps racist or sexist, but what happened on the show was extremely immoral. The backlash has been virtually quiet while praise has been lauded – I grieve for our culture. Unfortunately, and admittedly sad for me is that I am one that contributed to this. 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have cared and would tell people like me today to “shut your trap”, probably with an expletive tied at the end.

I remember well the “wardrobe malfunction” that scandalized Super Bowl viewers in 2004 which led to fines against CBS. Now it seems that we are subjected to such “malfunctions” on prime time television regularly that it is now the “new normal”.

No wonder our kids are struggling to comprehend and understand their identity and purpose in life.

Philosopher and priest Franz Brentano stated: “What is at first small is often extremely large in the end. And so it happens that whoever deviates only a little from truth in the beginning is led farther and farther afield in the sequel, and to errors which are a thousand times as large.”

By contrast, Dr, Michael Youssef stated the following: “We must take charge. Christians have abandoned so many areas of society, from media and the classroom. Instead of withdrawing, we need to go and invade these areas and take them for Christ and not be afraid. We are on the right side. We have read the last chapter, and it says we will win.”

What area of culture will you invade today?