You ever walk around the house urgently looking for your sunglasses, or your keys? You look everywhere and you grow more frantic as you have searched everywhere – just to finally find your keys in your pocket or your glasses on your head that you had lifted up earlier. Or you find them in the same spot that you had looked four times.

Sometimes, after you’ve spent an hour looking, you finally engage your wife, or husband to look, and they find them in 30 seconds. They had been right in front of you the entire time.

“…seek, and you shall find…”

We have people in the world right now, desperately looking for an answer, a solution, to whatever it is that is making them angry, making them frustrated and more desperate as their world continues to collapse. They hate what is happening and their hate festers and grows because they can’t find what they need, or what they are looking for. But they keep looking.

Some, too many, eventually turn to a group that they can grasp onto that promises them a solution, promises an answer – a solution that allows them to play out their anger and their frustration. The group preys on their fears and their anger, encouraging them to lash out. The person receives short lived personal satisfaction, but they never get the answer they have really been looking for, the long term answer, as their world continues to collapse. Their anger, fed by the group, eventually explodes into a frenzy as they declare “if I’m not going to get satisfaction, then by god nobody will receive satisfaction.”

The pain in all of this, the crime in this, is that the answer is right in front of them and has been the entire time. But just like their keys and their glasses, they can’t see it. They become so enraged that the rods and cones of their eyes become further blinded. They no longer see color, they see black and white. Their eyes no longer adapt to the darkness allowing them to see through it and to the flicker of light off in the corner, instead, they close their eyes tighter, ensuring that no light can come through.

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness….”

The answer is right in front of you, the ONLY solution to the things plaguing our communities, our society, and our culture. If you keep relying on man to solve your perception of problems, you know and I know, that plan is doomed to fail. Who’s in charge of the moral code we live by? Men? Women? You? Me? Where is the common ground that we can all live by? Government? The Republican party? The Democratic Party? BLM? The Patriot Boys? How’s that working out?

I see a world continuing to meander lost and confused as people continue to search for a man, or a woman, to come up with a solution, a plan, or a resolution. And no matter what, we all know that whatever they come up with will never solve the problem, never help us find that which we have lost and are so desperately looking for. It will never happen and the ironic twist is we know it, yet people continue looking anyway.

The irony is your spirit is screaming at you, knocking on the door of your heart, but instead of listening, you close your eyes tighter and are grasping the hand of the nearest one who will sympathize with you, who will grieve with you, who will simply agree with you that this is wrong and leave you hanging with that thought. This hand leads you further into the desolate wilderness, making it harder for you to find your way out.

What are you afraid of? Why are you fearful of what you sense to be true, that you can feel, on the inside of you reaching for your attention? Why are you afraid to answer the door of your heart and allow Him to spill out in you? Making this even more juicy is that you can even sense the peace of the one knocking.

I am both analytical and logical. Logic dictates to me to answer the door and let peace reign. As I analyze my logic and determine the various courses of action, the result is always the same – answer the door.

The voice in your heart is screaming at you “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears me and opens the door,I will come and eat with you and you with me.” Peace.

Why are you afraid to answer that knock? Because the world is yelling at you that it’s not rational. How’s rationality working out? The world is your witness – what do you see?

Answer the door and allow peace to reign. That is the answer you are looking for and it is right in front of you.